Tipron is a robot projector

It can automatically project an 80 inch screen from a distance of 3 meters. Tipron’s projector unit can adjust roll, pitch and yaw and features keystone correction so you can project distortion free images and videos to any place on a wall or ceiling. The built in speaker allows you to watch videos without the need for any additional hardware.

  • Description


    Main features

    Project an 80 inch screen
    Tipron can automatically project content you’d like to see such as movies or pictures on an 80 inch screen not only on a wall, but also on a floor or ceiling at any angle from a distance of 3 meters.
    Image adjustment enables you to enjoy perfect videos on any surface
    Automatically adjust the projection quality to view a perfect image with “keystone correction” and “auto focus” features. The features enable Tipron to automatically correct and adjust the image to the optimum visual quality even if the image is projected obliquely or the projection screen is distorted.
    Built-in speaker
    A built-in 5W speaker means you don’t need external speakers to enjoy video content such as movies, TV shows and music videos.
    HDMI input that supports HDCP
    The HDMI (HDCP compatible) port on Tipron’s body enables you play content from external media devices such as DVD or Blu-ray disk players, smartphones or game consoles. That means you can enjoy copyright-protected content such as movies, music and games, as well as video streaming services.
    USB memory stick video playback and PDF image display
    Tipron supports playback of movies and display of images from PDF files saved on an USB memory stick. It is also possible to loop saved videos or images for continuous playback.
    Compatible with wireless streaming devices
    Power can be supplied to devices via the USB port. This allows wireless streaming devices such as Chromecast to be connected without the need for a separate power source or any extra cables.
    Built-in YouTube support
    Internet connectivity allows Tipron play and project YouTube via its internal player. You can also schedule YouTube videos to play at the times you choose.
    News reader function to check and project the latest information quickly
    Using the built-in RSS reader function, it is easy to display information such as news, weather forecasts and Twitter feeds. The news can also be set to scroll automatically.
    Automatic charging
    Tipron returns to it’s charging station automatically and starts charging himself after finishing all scheduled actions. He can also return to recharge when his battery is low*1. *1 Only supported when operating in scheduled mode.
    4 hours of battery operating time
    When projecting away from the charging station, the internal battery allows Tipron to operate for 2 hours. By adding a second battery (sold separately) Tipron can operate for approx. 4 hours with needing to recharge*2. *2 When brightness is 50%. If brightness is 100% operating time will be 3 hours.


    Display size / Image input
    Max. 80 inch (at 3m projection distance) / HDMI (HDCP compatible), USB
    Max. Resolution/Projector brightness
    HD (1280×720) / Max250lm
    Image adjustment
    keystone correction, auto focus
    Projector range of movement
    up/down (pitch axis) -35/+90 degrees, left/right (yaw axis) ±90 degrees, rotation (roll axis) ±90 degrees
    IEEE 802.11b/g/n
    App OS Support
    Android 4.4〜(supported), iOS10.0〜(recommended)
    Battery / Connection Terminal
    5,900mAh (per battery) / USB (battery charging)
    Operating Time / Charging Time
    Approx. 4 hours (with two batteries) / Approx. 2 hours (per battery) * When brightness is 50%. If brightness is 100% operating time will be 3 hours.
    W300mm x D340mm x H420mm (compact mode)
    W300mm x D330mm x H810mm (after transforming)
    Approx. 9.5kg
    Equipped sensors
    IR distance camera, Depth sensor, Video/still camera (5MP)

Live Wedge


Full HD video switcher and mixer with live streaming and a user friendly tablet interface

LiveWedge is a 1080/60p video switcher/mixer with 4x HDMI inputs and the ability to broadcast live video simultaneously via the Internet. It can be controlled with an iOS or Android tablet via the user friendly control app. Video PinP and chroma key composition are supported as well as standard wipe, fade and cut transitions.

  • Description

    Everyone can be an online video editing expert:

    The LiveWedge app allows you to easily control all LiveWedge functions via a user friendly interface. The unique rotary control option in the app allows for precise transition mixing.

    PinP, chroma key and other effects:
    LiveWedge supports PinP (Picture in Picture) and chroma key compositing as well as all basic transitions such as wipe, fade and cut.

    Switching Recording:
    A switcher, mixer and a recorder in a small form factor,Livewedge has a SD card slot to record* up to 720/30p (H.264) Full HD Video while switching! You can also use images from the SD card as a video source.

    Video Switching and live streaming in one LiveWedge:
    Broadcasting functionality is built into LiveWedge. 720/30p HD Live streaming and 1080p HD video switching are available in one device! The main streaming platforms including Ustream and Youtube Live and the ability to use your own servers are supported.

    Live Streaming Input Control up to 4 video inputs and 5 audio inputs:
    In addition to video mixing via the 4 HDMI inputs, the LiveWedge also supports audio mixing via its built in audio mixer. An AUX-IN port as well as the 4 HDMI inputs are available for up to 5 input audio mixing.


Live Shell X

Premium Full HD H.265 Live Streaming

LiveShell X is an innovative live broadcast streaming device with HDMI input encoding at up to 1080/60p in H.265 and recording to a microSD card, all without a PC. It also supports simultaneous multi-streaming and the ability to add subtitles and lower thirds. LiveShell X provides stable, professional quality streaming.

  • Description

    Designed for professional quality broadcasting.

    LiveShell X enables you to stream live video and audio without a PC. Supporting H.265/H.264 live encoding at up to 1080/60p, real-time recording via micro-SD and multi-casting with up to 3 simultaneous streams, LiveShell X is designed for professional quality broadcasting.

    PC-less live streaming and recording at up to 1080/60p

    When using a PC or smartphone to live stream video, stability and portability or battery life all can cause issues with live streaming performance. Using LiveShell X ensures a stable, reliable stream without the need for additional hardware. Stream 24/7 with AC power or for up to 6 hours using LiveShell X’s high capacity internal battery.

    H.265/H.264 live encoding at up to 1080/60p

    LiveShell X supports streaming at up to 1080/60p, enabling professional quality video. In addition, with support for the latest H.265 video codec you can broadcast at same quality video as H.264 at half the bit rate or using the same bit rate as H.264 with twice the video quality. LiveShell X can also use H.264 encoding to ensure compatibility with existing streaming services.

    Up to 3 simultaneous streams

    The multi-streaming function enables you to stream to multiple services simultaneously while sending video to a backup server. You can also broadcast multiple streams to one streaming service at different bit rates.

    High capacity 6 hour battery

    LiveShell X’s high capacity battery doubles the streaming time from previous LiveShell devices, giving up to 6 hours of continuous operating time when fully charged. Its auto power switching feature means that if the AC adapter is disconnected while live streaming LiveShell X will switch to battery power automatically without interrupting the broadcast.

    Durable metal case with palm-sized portability

    The metal case and compact size bring durability and portability so you never have to worry about needing additional heavy equipment when you want to go live. With M4 and 1/4-20 UNC mounting options, LiveShell X can be attached to cameras using a shoe mount giving you an extremely portable all-in-one filming, recording and broadcasting solution.

    Powerful 1080p broadcasting solution 

    Combining LiveShell X with LiveWedge gives you a 4 HDMI input 1080/60p mixer and switcher along with the ability to output 720p video to 3 seperate streaming services and record 1080p video. You can also stream to a single service at 1080/60p giving you a Full HD 1080/60p live video production suite from video capture all the way to final output.

Live Shell PRO


Mid-range live streaming device supporting analog inputs as well as HDMI

The LiveShell PRO is a mid-range wireless video streamer. Video and audio is encoded in H.264 and AAC at 720p resolution and up to 10 Mbps bit rate. The replaceable, rechargeable battery allows you to broadcast from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Description

    HD Live with H.264

    Using the latest video and audio compression technology, LiveShell PRO offers high quality live broadcasting encoded in H.264 AAC, with a resolution of 720p and a bitrate of up to 10 mbps. H.264 high, main and baseline profiles are supported. With LiveShell PRO it becomes easier to reach your audience as broadcasting can now be done on iOS devices and well as Android devices and PCs.
    Easy to operate on computers, tablets and smartphones

    Control LiveShell PRO remotely via its web application “Dashboard”. With Dashboard, volume adjustments, captions, video quality adjustments and more can be done on the fly without having to stop broadcasting. Dashboard is web based so requires no installation and works not only with your computer but also with your Android or iOS devices too.
    Automatic broadcast management

    By default LiveShell PRO automatically adjusts the stream frame rate and image quality. User controlled options are also available for advanced users.
    Live aspect ratio changes

    You can adjust the aspect ratio of the broadcast video to suit your needs. This feature is available for both 4:3 and 16:9 cameras.
    Live captions

    Enable captions using your computer, tablet or smartphone via LiveShell PRO’s Dashboard. Enter the captions and see them displayed live. The captions size, color, background color, position and other settings can be changed via Dashboard. You can also upload your own image and have it displayed instead of your captions.
    Multiple inputs

    LiveShell PRO works perfectly with cameras that have HDMI or composite out. Up to 3 different audio inputs are available: one stereo microphone input for computer microphones, one line input terminal that can be used with a line level input and one HDMI audio input for the camera’s microphone.
    Built-in mixer

    The 3 different audio inputs can be individually controlled and mixed by LiveShell PRO before being broadcast. Simple audio mixes such as BGM playing while you add a vocal input via a microphone can be done without needing additional devices.
    Supports multiple broadcasting services and RTMP servers

    Streaming services such as Ustream, YouTube Live, Akamai and Limelight are supported. When using Ustream you can use “Dashboard” to turn on or off the server side recording. You can also do live streams through your own server, if your server supports RTMP broadcasting. LiveShell has been tested to work on AdobeMediaServer, Wowza and Red5 servers.
    *LiveShell and LiveShell PRO does not support New Livestream(new.livestream.com).
    Replaceable rechargeable battery

    As a device aimed towards professional users, having a rechargeable, replaceable battery is an essential feature. The Liveshell PRO has an easy to remove, rechargeable LI-ion battery that provides up to 3 hours of broadcasting time. For live broadcasts longer than 3 hours, extra batteries are available to purchase.


Live Shell 2


The world’s most cost effective PC-less live streaming device

The successor to “LiveShell”, Cerevo’s highly regarded live streaming device that was first released in 2011. This model retains the compact and portable design of its predecessor while adding support for HD streaming. Live streaming is possible via wired LAN or WiFi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac). The addition of 5GHz Wi-Fi support means stable streaming is possible even in bandwidth-congested areas.

  • Description

    HD Video Live streaming without a PC

    Just connect your camcorder to LiveShell 2 via HDMI to go live and broadcast to YouTube Live, Ustream and RTMP servers. The “Dashboard” live streaming control panel can be controlled using your smartphone.

    User friendly, advanced Dashboard

    Control LiveShell 2 remotely via its web application “Dashboard”. With Dashboard, volume adjustments, captions, video quality adjustments and more can be made without having to stop broadcasting.

    LiveShell 2 features professional quality live streaming encoded in H.264 AAC, with a resolution of 720p and a bitrate of up to 10 Mbps.

    Compact and portable

    Almost as light as your smartphone and measuring only 78mm x 113mm x 25mm. LiveShell 2 is small enough that you don’t have to worry about taking it with you to live stream wherever you are.

    Battery operated, stable connection

    With a built in rechargeable battery that allows you to broadcast for 3.3 hours via either ethernet or the included 5GHz Wi-Fi, live streaming in any location is possible.


    Wired LAN 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
    Video input terminal HDMI (up to 1080i)
    Video live encoding H.264
    Operating time 3.3 hours battery life
    Size 78×113×25(mm)
    Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
    Audio input terminal HDMI-IN
    Audio live encoding AAC-LC
    Power plug Micro USB
    Weight 150g


Snow 1


Smart bindings enable you to analyze and visualize your snowboarding

SNOW-1 are smartphone-connected snowboard bindings with a Bluetooth 4.0 module and various sensors that can measure a snowboarder’s weight balance, snowboard flex and other data in real time.

  • Description

    The SNOW-1 smart snowboard bindings are the first product in the XON series. They can record, visualize and analyze your ride with real time tracking data displayed via the graphical UI of the XON smartphone app. Add a new dimension to your rides and improve your skills with XON SNOW-1.

    Sensors that capture all your riding, an evolutionary form of snowboard bindings

    With XON SNOW-1, 5 independent sensors can capture 13 different points of data. The load balance sensors embedded into the soles of each binding record one of the most important factors in snowboarding, two flex sensors that are attached to the board are able to detect board deflection. Furthermore acceleration, angular velocity, geomagnetism sensors are able to detect the rider’s position and direction.

    Real time display on your smartphone

    You can connect the XON bindings to a smartphone easily via Bluetooth 4.0, real time tracking data is then visualized in the XON app, allowing you to get tips to improve your riding in real time.

    GPS route mapping

    By using the GPS function in your smart phone, the XON app can map your riding route. Route speed, acceleration level and gradient will be displayed with a high degree of accuracy. The extensive log data will allow you to look back over your ride history and compare performance.
    Built-in ultra-high brightness LEDs

    The XON bindings have ultra-high brightness LEDs built into the heel and toe. Light levels will respond to the load level sensors in each binding. You can also activate the LEDs to create impressive light trail effects in your dusk riding videos.
    Overlay sensor data onto your riding videos

    It’s possible to overlay sensor data onto a riding video shot using the XON app video mode. Being able to visualize your riding and sensor data simultaneously on-screen gives a new perspective to snowboarding.

    Wireless connection Bluetooth 4.0(Low Energy)
    Sensors 9-axis sensor (acceleration, angular velocity, geomagnetism) / Dual flex sensors / 4 Pressure sensors per foot
    LED 2 High luminance LEDs per foot
    Size Approx. mm W320× D175×H275
    Board compatibility 4×4
    Weight 3.2kg (1set)
    Type L : 27.5cm-31.0cm / M : 26.0cm-28.0cm / S : 25.0cm-27.0cm
    Power 7 hours
    Charging Time 3 hours
    Socket Micro USB
    Waterproof IPX4
    Weight limits 100kg
    App iOS 8.4
    Compatibility iOS 8.4.1 . Later iPhone 5siPod touch 5th gen.(Recommend iOS 9 later and iPhone 6)


Available for DEMO at Ski Dubai – Mall Of Emirates – Dubai, U.A.E.


From Paralyzer to Eliminator mode, fully mechanized transformation

The Dominator gun is a Proplica from the hit anime Psycho-Pass. The DOMINATOR features authentic voice and sound effects and a fully mechanized Eliminator mode.

  • Description

    This product has been created under the supervision of Production I.G director Naoyoshi Shiotani and Nitroplus designer Makoto Ishiwata. DOMINATOR features characteristics identical to the devices seen in PSYCHO-PASS such as automatic transformation, voice-over and sound effects, authentic LED lighting, touch sensor activation, Crime Coefficient analysis and more.

    © PSYCHO-PASS Committee


Xon Ride-1

Smart riding recorder with 7 different internal sensors connecting with existing sensors via ANT+

RIDE-1 has 9 different internal sensors to monitor a variety of cycling parameters and with RIDE-1’s telemetry function, environment data, cycling dynamics, GPS distance information and the route data can displayed in real time on the companion smartphone app.

  • Description

    Boost your cycling skills

    RIDE-1 has 7 different internal sensors and it can connect with existing sensors via ANT+, e.g. cadence, heart-rate etc. Overlay recorded data onto captured movies and study them to master more BMX tricks or challenge yourself to improve your downhill MTB times.

    Detailed telemetry, improve your racing performance

    RIDE-1 is Bluetooth enabled, so you can connect your bike to the Internet via your smartphone’s 3G or 4G connection. You can monitor data in real-time data from the built in sensors at a remote place such as the circuit pit lane. Enabling your team to control the rider’s pace and modify race strategies based on the data being received.



    Size W145 x D32 x H23mm
    Weight approx. 75g
    Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
    Operating Time 15 hours
    Bluetooth 4.1(BLE)ANT+On-board
    Sensors 9-axis sensor (acceleration, gyroscope, geomagnetism) / temperature / atmospheric pressure / Illuminance / GPS
    App iOS 9+ (TBA Andoroid)
    Charging Socket micro USB
    Accessories Micro USB cable / Bike mount / M5 Screw x2